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Mapping the Trails of Meteora. One Step at a Time.​

We are a small team whose goal is to promote the unique Meteora Trails to the public. In order to achieve this, we’ve set to map each one of the major ones and present them in an easy to digest manner.

We hope you find it useful!

What this website is

An online, everchanging, guide.

Created by locals.

Free to use. Forever.

What it is not

An official organization

A travel agency

Meteora Trails

How it Works

Find the Trails You Like

We have gathered the most popular trails at Meteora and mapped them for you to enjoy.

Combine Them

The trails are meant to be combined. Do it yourself or choose a pre-made one!

Enjoy Hiking

You can use our interactive map to navigate or download the GPS files on your own device!